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  • Andy Turner

Tropical Northeast Florida Garden Tour with Landscape Designer Andy Turner in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Our latest YouTube Garden Tour Video showcases a beautiful garden we recently designed and installed for a client in Ponte Vedra Beach. The client had a new pool built in her backyard and needed privacy screening from the busy road. We created a mini tropical oasis for her using many plants that reminded her of her old home in the Caribbean. The garden features a viburnum hedge that creates an evergreen backdrop, and various kinds of colorful and textured foliage that contrast against each other to create a natural oasis vibe. The garden turned out great, and all of her friends have loved spending time with her in the backyard and complimenting the transformation. Our client is so happy with the project that she has asked us to help her revamp the rest of the property later this year

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