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  • Andy Turner

Transforming Dreams into Reality: A Stunning Garden Design Project in St. Johns County, Florida

Creating a beautiful garden that can be enjoyed from every window in the home is a dream for many homeowners. For one of our clients in St. Johns County Florida, this dream became a reality with the installation of a stunning garden design project. Our landscape design firm installed a variety of beautiful tropical plants, including white birds of paradise, begonias, cordyline, arboricola, and more, to create an oasis that the client can enjoy from every window in their home.

Our client, who lives up north, wanted a Florida look for their garden and is thrilled to have something beautiful to look at while they work from home. The garden not only provides a stunning view but also brings lots of pollinators and wildlife to the property. Despite the abundance of plants, the garden doesn't require much more maintenance than a typical landscape, making it a practical and sustainable choice for the homeowner.

This project showcases how to install a big garden in a small space and create depth in areas without depth. We hid an ugly PVC fence with beautiful plants and softened the hard lines with lush foliage, creating a seamless transition between the garden and the surrounding environment. This design was also dog-friendly, ensuring that the client's furry friends can enjoy the garden as much as they do.

This project was a fun one for the landscape company to work on, and it's easy to see why. The use of a variety of plants and the careful placement of each one created a stunning and cohesive design that looks great year-round. Serenoa Landscape Design's expertise in creating sustainable and low-maintenance landscapes is evident in this project, which is sure to inspire other homeowners to create their own beautiful gardens.

We actually just finished up a phase 2 on the project, adding even more plants and removing more grass. They plan to post more footage and photos soon, giving viewers a closer look at the stunning garden design project. Our passion and dedication to creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes, makes it no wonder that our landscape team has become a go-to choice for homeowners in Northeast Florida looking to transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful oases.

Check out what our client had to say about her experience on Serenoa Landscape Design Houzz Page

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