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  • Andy Turner

Design Highlight : Rozof Residence in Ortega

Updated: May 3, 2023

Adding a sense of depth, creating "Florida Vibe" and giving their home a sense of character were the main requests of our client.

We accomplished depth by providing a strategically layered tapestry of foliage that framed the view of this beautiful home and softened the hard lines of neighboring homes. Podocarpus, Brodie Juniper and Live Oaks offered a beautiful backdrop for our garden plan and privacy screening.

"The Florida Vibe" box was checked off by incorporating a variety mature palm trees and native tropicals throughout the property. Our plant palette consisted of Silver Palmettos, Queen Palms, Sabal Palms, Canary Date Palm, Everglades Palm and Coontie Palms.

Character was achieved by transforming the open and empty "lawnscape" into a refined garden space with a creative, colorful, and texture rich mix of groundcovers. For ground covers we chose bullet proof low maintenance plantings such as Foxtail Fern, Agapanthus, Blue Daze, and Super Blue Liriope.

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