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  • Andy Turner

Beautiful Garden in South Hampton Neighborhood.

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

This project is one of my favorite projects to date, not only were the customers great to work with but the design came to life in a special way and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to have worked on it.

This project had many pieces but my favorite aspect of it was the transformation the design made to the curb appeal of the home. The entryway of this beautiful home is now complimented by a landscape with a magic of its own.

Northeast Florida live oak tree canopy's create shady understory environments which we garden designers call microclimates. These spaces tend to be some of our favorite places to dream and weave together plants that thrive in the dappled light and protection of the understory habitat.

Our client had a hard time getting grass to grow under the live oak tree, our solution was to get rid of the st.augustine grass that wasn't happy there and swap it for a grass that loves the shade. We chose a couple different varieties of mondo grass which provided our client with a solution that is less maintenance than a turf grass because it doesn't need to be mowed every week. Mondo grass is such a great plant for Northeast Florida landscapes when it's used in the right application. Not only does it love the shade it also eliminates the need to mulch if you plant it close enough together. Mondo grass is a great backdrop for your other plants, rather than seeing sticks and leaves and mulch you get a sea of green that really makes your tropical plants pop. Last couple of things I'll say about the origins of our mondo obsession is that it's drought tolerant once established, no fertilizer required and best of all it effectively blocks out the competition and keeps keeping the weeds out an easy task.

Check out our pictures, there will be more to come!

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